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Jing Hua Machine

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Our special design for PP and PS PVC Film. This machine is suitable for any of thermoform plastic sheet. This Plastic Thermoforming Machine is update according to the mostly development technical , compare with the traditional machine, It can solved many impossible commitment
This Plastic Thermoforming Machine forming and cutting neat and Clear. Cutting Off the product in order. Also good use for PS, PE,PVC etc.
Whole machine is mainly made up by four Parts:
Preforming the raw material

Forming the products
Punching the hole
Cutting and stacking the products

Model	JH-470-1(Single heater)	JH-457-2(Up & down heater)

Punch Frequency	15-35punch/min	10-35punch/min

Material	PP, PS, PET, PVC, etc.

Max. Forming Length	260mm	260mm

Max. Forming Width	470mm	470mm

Max. Forming depth	50mm	50mm

Upper and Lower Forming Power	16KW	24KW

Motor Power	6KW	6KW

Total Power	3-phase 4-line 380V 50Hz (220V 60Hz) 22kw

Water Consumption	0.3m3/h (Tap water or recycle water)	0.3m3/h (Tap water or recycle water)

Air Pressure	0.5-0.8(mpa)	0.5-0.8(mpa)

Exhaust Volume	≥0.6 m3/min	≥0.6 m3/min

Pressure of water supply	0.2MPa	0.2MPa

Machine overall size(L×W×H)	5000×1600×2000mm	5000×1600×2000mm
Packing Size(L×W×H)	5200×1800×2300mm	5200×1800×2300mm

The maximum?width of material	510mm	510mm

Weight	3500KG	3800KG

Lily Lee
Sale Manager
Jinghua Machine